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I am always curious and try to understand...

Nature, humanity, how everything in our world is connected and me as part of it. To me, knowledge and understanding is absolutely necessary in order to live a happy, satisfied, self determined and conscious life in balance. Exploring the own limits in order to understand the world just a little bit better sometimes results in loosing that balance. I have yet to find the line between mindfulness and pushing the limits. I am happy and greatful for the opportunity to learn this important lesson, in the mountains and in everyday life and would like to share that experience. I invite you to follow me and my journey in order to find out, what is behind those limits!

I believe, there is a lot, that we dont understand...


Norrdine Nouar about his experience reaching personal limits and  the reason he keeps redefining those limits whenever possible


For inquiries feel free to contact me at any time

 Nouar Office

Norrdine Nouar

Ergetsweiler Hang 9

88273 Fronhofen / Fronreute


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Mobile.: +49 (0) 151 / 445 12 18 4

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